Do I need a business idea?

No. We have a lot of ideas for business models we believe could become great companies. The only thing you need is the will, skill and ability to work hard to make your company successful. If you have your own idea, we are of course always interesting in hearing you out.

Who can apply?

Anyone! Great entrepreneurs come from all backgrounds and as long as you are a university student we would love to hear from you. Our experience has shown us that grades are far from the only predictor of performance, hence we highly weigh your personality, motivation, goals and abilities when we assess your application (but remember to study for your exams).

What does it take to be a Student Founder?

While anyone can become a great Student Founder, not everyone can. You need grit, drive, self-motivation and the will to persevere when it gets tough.

Why should I become a Student Founder?

There are many reasons, but one of them is simply that building your own company is the best education you can get. You will learn how to do recruiting, marketing, sales, and pretty much everything else. All the fun and friendships you make along the way is definitely an extra bonus. Click here to see more reasons.

Is the Student Founder Network non-profit?

No. We fundamentally believe that profitable companies are the most healthy and resilient companies. One of the key reasons for us to have a project like Student Founders is to ensure students really learn how to build successful and sustainable companies. Building profitable companies is, in our opinion, the by far best way to learn this. Further, we have often seen non-profit organizations fall apart when key individuals leave. As one of our main goals are to build lasting companies we truly believe being profitable is the best way to foster continuity.

Who owns the company?

The Student Founder Network is the legal owners of the company. The aim is to build an organization that will continue to grow and flourish after the founders graduate, and ideally we would love to continue developing the company with the founding team.

What's my economic upside?

As said, we believe strong incentives fosters great results. Therefore we give all founders the opportunity to co-invest in the company they are involved in building. As usual reward follows risk and co-investors will naturally also receive their share of any profits produced.