By sharing our experience and knowhow with the most talented students we are sure we can build companies that have a great impact on the world.


We are always looking for talents to build the next big thing with. As a Student Founder there is ample opportunity to get to know each other and identify if we should build companies together upon your graduation.


Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the fastest ways to grow professionally and as a person. We truly believe more young people should take the leap of faith and hope we can inspire them to do it by showing the way.


The management team helps our Student Founders build companies on a day to day basis

Kristoffer Lundberg

CEO, Student Founders

Bjørn Tølbøll

Managing Director, CFO Insights

Victor Julegaard

Managing Director, CFO Insights

Abdulwaqi Rathore

Head of Product Development, CFO Insights


Members of our advisory board each have deep expertise in everything from marketing, sales and strategy to recruiting and help our Student Founders on an ad-hoc basis

Mads Faurholt-Jørgensen

Managing Partner, Nova Founders Capital

Stefan Bruun

Managing Partner, Nova Founders Capital

David Pansbo

CEO, Private Equity Insights

Thomas Munk

Co-Founder and CMO, CompareEuropeGroup

Ann-Christine Roope

CEO, Ethan Partners

Martin Nilsson

Talent Associate, Nova Founders Capital